KVIG Spa Application The mobile revolution is coming to spas...

KVIG is a unique mobile application spa guide which is used by leading travel agencies around the world. A new era has now begun for communication with clients. Come and join us.

Focused on spas

We live and work in the spa cities and recognize their potential. The clean landscape, unique natural resources with healing powers, architecture, history, serenity and tranquillity are the main assets of our region. We believe they are places that have not been fully appreciated. But their time has come.


KVIG is a new mobile application specifically for spas and about spas. We want to create a modern guide to the Western Bohemian spas that will serve spa guests. Entrepreneurs in the region are offered a new way to reach their customers.

Insider guide

Everyone knows that a good recommendation is crucial when choosing a product or service. But who do you contact in an area you have never visited and there is no one you know? KVIG comes to the rescue by offering you a long list of insider tips and advice on how to fully enjoy your stay at the spas.


Because we want to create a better guide. Because we believe we can and that our region is worth it. Because everyone will soon have a smartphone.

Unique Distribution

KVIG is available for free at Appstore and Google Play. Reputable travel agencies will also use it as a new communication channel with their clients. Guests will find important information and advice about their travel agencies located in one of the sections of our guide. KVIG is offering you a new way.


The KVIG application was created by two friends who come from these spa cities. Both have a wealth of experience in the tourism industry and are still working there. During all that time, they knew something like KVIG was missing ...

A new way to reach your customers ...

Stop printing mountains of leaflets and paying for expensive advertisements in boring magazines which lay around hotel cafes and reception areas. Let us lead you straight into an intimate relationship with your current and future customers, as you sit quietly and visibly on their mobile phones. We give you the means to be in front of them before they even start looking ... always being there when they need you. KVIG is a new form of marketing. Join us and experience a real change in building your brand.


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